Soap for Acne and Oily Skin: Reducing Trapped Sebum

If you are looking for soap for acne and oily skin, there is a wide choice available.  Many are also good for reducing trapped sebum, caught up with dead skin cells and prone to infection that leads to acne.

It is often difficult to know which of the alternative acne treatments to choose, so here are descriptions of three acne soaps offered by Plantlife that are not only highly regarded and well reviewed online, but which people tend to stay with after using them once. That in itself speaks highly of them.

1.  Rosemary Tea Tree Aromatherapy Herbal Soap

Rosemary Tea Tree Aromatherapy Herbal SoapAlthough claimed to be good for all skin types, the one reviewer with sensitive skin reported it unsuitable. However, it appears to be perfect for oily skin and also normal and dry skin types. Its major active ingredient is tea tree oil, which possesses powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Being an oil, tea tree oil can get right down through the trapped into your pores, releasing it and cleansing your pores of the thick mixture of sebum and dead skin cells that lead to acne.  It also kills off any bacteria present, responsible for the papules created by the inflammatory response of your immune system to bacterial growth.

Rosemary Tea Tree Aromatherapy Herbal Soap is hand-made using 100% natural ingredients, including glycerin which acts as a humectant, or moisture magnet, which keeps your skin soft and moist. The rosemary oil is also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and not only helps to keep your skin scrupulously clean, but also reduces inflammation and irritation.

Other than the one incidence of sensitive skin, this acne soap cuts right into the pores to remove trapped sebum and also helps to reduce the symptoms of existing attacks.  Use this to prevent acne if you have oily to normal skin.

2.  Carrot & Vitamin E Antioxidant Herbal Soap

Carrot & Vitamin E Antioxidant Herbal SoapCarrot & Vitamin E Herbal Soap for acne is suitable for all skin types, and reviewers with sensitive skin loved it! This acne soap is formulation with a high level of antioxidant ingredients, of which Vitamin E is the most powerful although the soap itself is gentle to your skin.

Vitamin E:  Vitamin E is a regenerative antioxidant vitamin, meaning that it can be regenerated once it has expended itself by destroying free radicals that cause damage to your skin cells. It is the most powerful of the vitamin antioxidants, and is also anti-inflammatory in nature.

When blended with carrot seed oil it can get right down to the bottom of your pores and cleanse them of excess and trapped sebum and also dead skin cells. This leaves nothing for bacteria to thrive on. By using this soap regularly most people have found it to help protect them from developing acne – even during the dangerous teenage years.

Carrot Seed Oil: This is extracted from the seeds of the wild carrot, or Queen Anne’s lace, which packed full of antioxidant vitamins C and E, highly anti-inflammatory beta-carotene, and Vitamin D which is so good for your skin. It also contains other natural substances believed to help improve your complexion.

3. Green Tea Antioxidant Herbal Soap for Acne

Green Tea Antioxidant Herbal Soap for AcneIf you like your treatments simple, Green Tea Antioxidant Herbal Soap should suit you perfectly. The main active ingredient is green tea oil, which is mixed with some other natural oils that help to moisture and smooth your skin. Green tea, as explained above, is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and bactericide that not only cleans out your pores, but also kills off the bacteria residing in them.

After removing trapped sebum, this mixture of oils kills off the bacteria present and also removes any dead skin deposits.  Your skin is kept nice and supple, hydrated and free from infection. As an added bonus, the soap also contains wheatgrass powder, which helps detoxify your skin and is believed to accelerate the healing of acne scars.

This is a popular soap for acne and oily skin that many people prefer to those they had used previously. Tea tree oil has been proven to be highly effective in treating the conditions known to lead to acne, and by using this you may not only control your existing condition, but also prevent any new infections.


As with all Plantlife products, each soap for oily skin and acne described above is made from 100% natural ingredients, and contains glycerin to help keep it moist and supple. The choice is yours, and each has received excellent reviews online by those suffering acne or using it to remove trapped sebum and prevent acne.

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