Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Benefits You by Zapping Your Zits

Sea Buckthorn SeedSea Buckthorn seed oil benefits you by reducing your zits, clearing up your zits and prevents the development of new zits. Sea Buckthorn oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit which grows on a shrub called the Hippophae rhamnoides. The fruit is primarily eaten by birds. The nutritious Sea Buckthorn berries are very acidic and actually unpleasant to eat raw.

Source of omega-3 fatty acids

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Sea Buckthorn oil contains primarily linoleic acid and ?-linolenic fatty acids, otherwise known as omega-3 fatty acids.  In addition, the oil is a good source for tocopherols, plant sterols and tocotrienols. Omega- 3 fatty acids are essential for healthy skin but your body cannot produce these acids. The free fatty acids are slightly acidic and therefore reduces the growth of microbes and subsequent outbreaks of zits. Secondly, the fatty acids promote healing of the skin tissues and reduces the appearance of scars due to zits.

The oil of the Hippophae rhamnoides has been used for centuries to treat many types of skin conditions. From burns to dermatitis, the oil, rich in nutrients, promotes skin cell regeneration. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Source of vitamin E

Sea Buckthorn oil is an excellent source of Vitamin E. An anti-oxidant, vitamin E stops the breakdown of saturated fatty which can cause harm to your body. In addition, it can prevent scarring of your skin and minimize the appearance of zits.

Source of vitamin C

The oil extracted from the small berry provides ten times more vitamin C than a serving of oranges. As your skin heals from the zits, vitamin C promotes the healing and revitalizes skin and reduces the risk of scarring.

 Source of additional nutrients

Sea Buckthorn seed oil benefits include 106 nutrients comprised of trace elements, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.

A Wholesome Plan

Using Sea Buckthorn oil is just one part of your strategy to zap your zits. Incorporate a skin cleansing regiment with a nutritious eating plan to improve your skin’s appearance.

Many More Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Not only a zit zapper, the oil of the Hippophae rhamnoides shrub reduces the following:

  • anti-oxidant properties which reduces the risk of certain cancers
  • anti-inflammatory properties which decreases the risk of ulcers in the stomach
  • anti-oxidant properties and the ability to reduce fats levels in the blood results in improved heart health, reduced cholesterol, improved blood pressure and decreased risk of blood clots

The Sea Buckthorn seed oil benefits are noted by many respected experts in the field of medicine including Dr. Mehemet Oz who hosts the ‘The Dr. Oz Show’.  The Sea Buckthorn oil is a regenerating and potent zip zapper that will also help you to look younger and radiant.

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