Natural Solutions for Back Zits

Although not as common as facial zits, bacne, or back zits, is a common form of zits experienced by men more than women. Bacne is a slang term derived from the combination for the words acne and back. It can appear on the back, the upper arms and / or the buttocks.

Causes of Back Zits

Back ZitsHaving zits on back can be embarrassing for a man trying to impress a lady at the beach. Before attempting to treat it, you must determine the cause.

There are two types of bacne. Inflammatory zits on back occur when the skin becomes inflamed, the follicle wall swells up and a collection of pus forms. Non-inflammatory bacne is either a blackhead or whitehead.

There are a number of reasons why bacne is more difficult to treat than facial acne. Skin on your back is thicker than the skin on your face. Plus the pores are larger which result in larger zits on back. Another common reason why bacne is so hard to treat and can get worse before it gets better is that you simply cannot reach it or may not even be aware that there are zits on your back. Plus since it is not easily visible, it’s easy to ignore or forget about the outbreak of zits on your back.

Body wash, soap and shampoo commonly contain ingredients that may clog pores and trigger an outbreak of zits. Avoid soaps that list ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrances and preservatives like quaternium-15.

Hair products, especially in warm climates, may unexpectedly slide down your upper back into your pores.

A common neglected area of hygiene is the back, especially after a work out.

Tight fitting exercise clothes and sweaty work shirts brush against the sebaceous glands of your back and breed pore-clogging bacteria.

Androgen hormones can trigger back zits due to the the mature oil glands that can potentially develop into acne lesions.

Home Remedy Tips for Back Zits

Aloe vera contains beneficial polysaccharides, anti-inflammatory agents and is well known for its healing properties. Aloe vera reduces redness, inflammation and swelling of a zit outbreak. Apply aloe vera to your entire back, upper arms and / or buttocks area.

# Use a body brush with a long handle to clean your back on a daily basis.

# Apply the mashed up pulp of cucumber to your back for a cool, soothing and refreshing treatment.

# Before going to bed at night, apply the paste of 3 tablespoons of honey mixed with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon to your back.

# Create a skin wash of lime juice with warm whole milk and rinse with water.

# After cleansing your back apply egg whites to the zits on back, upper arms and/ buttocks for about 20 minutes before rinsing with water.

# Combine equal portions or rose water with lime juice. Apply to the acne and allow to dry for 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

# Wear loose fitting clothes which allow your skin to breath.

# If you lead an active lifestyle, shower twice a day.

# Do not wear unwashed clothes.

# Sleep on the your side instead of your back to avoid rubbing your back against the bedsheets. Consider changing your bed linen frequently (as much as daily during an active outbreak of bacne).

The above suggested home remedies may take time to alleviate the signs and symptoms of back zits. With patience and consistency you will have a clear, radiant, sexy back.

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