Can Chocolate Cause Acne and Other Zit Myths Debunked

Some people are so focused on getting rid of zits that they follow acne myths blindly. Although some zit myths can be harmless other myths can do serious damage to your skin.

Can chocolate cause acne?

Can Chocolate Cause Acne - Let's Find OutOne of the biggest zit myths is that chocolate can cause acne. According to research chocolate is not an acne trigger; however, dairy may exacerbate zits. The real answer to “Can chocolate cause acne?” is yes and no. Yes, if chocolate is consumed in excess due to it’s diary content, but no, if it’s consumed in moderation because the small amount of diary in a chocolate bar.

Food plays no role in zits

Diary and diary products, food high in sugar and oil can induce zit outbreaks and undermine your attempts to maintain healthy skin. Although physicians, especially dermatologists, tend to downplay the role of food in the causation of zits, many research studies have proven a definitive role of food in the induction, exacerbation and reoccurence of zits.

Zits is a teenage disease

Though zits is primarily a disease of 12 to 25 year olds, it can occur at any age, starting from the newborn to the old age. Another age group that is commonly afflicted by the outbreak of zits are middle age women who experience hormonal disturbances in their body.

You can “clean up” a zit by scrubbing

The truth is the worse thing you can do is to scrub a zit. Although it is tempting to get the ‘goop’ out of skin to heal zits, picking zits is the most common way to get a scar and potentially exacerbate your acne outbreak.

You can’t wear makeup if you have a breakout.

Noncomedogenic or acnegenic makeup won't clog poresPeople who have pimples naturally want to cover their zits, yet makeup can certainly exacerbate it due to oil, carnauba, emollient esters and petrolatum. Noncomedogenic and nonacnegenic makeup is specifically made to not cause or contribute to zit problems like whiteheads or blackhead pimples.

Sunscreen Can Aggravate Zits

A thick, heavy, greasy sunscreen can contribute to breakouts but you simply have to pick the right type of sunscreen. Choose an oil-free, noncomedogenic sunscreen to protect your skin against cancer, premature aging, and hyperpigmentation.

Since zits are one of the most common skin disease, there are many misconceptions and myths regarding its treatment. Zits is often a misunderstood disease. The psychological effects and social impacts of zits are often underestimated or even misunderstood by everyone except zit sufferers.

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