28 Zit Zapping Tips for Nose Zits

A Nose ZitNose zits doesn’t just plague teenagers. Many adults will suffer from random outbreaks of zits, which is a source of embarrassment and can result in disfiguring scars. Here is 28 zit zapping diet changes, supplements, topical ointments and other home remedies which work from the inside and the outside to help you put your freshest face forward.

Home Remedies For Zits

The simple zit zapping home remedies given here will reduce or eliminate your acne within a few days but do not expect overnight results. Before using any ingredients like orange, papaya, eggs, etc. check to make sure you don’t have any allergies or sensitivities to these zit remedy ingredients.

1. Every morning, on an empty stomach drink a cup of hot water mixed with the fresh juice of one lemon or lime. The juice of lemons and limes remove metabolic waste and help to regulate your blood pH.

2. Oatmeal mask: Inflammation is reduced by oatmeal. Create an oatmeal paste to wash your face or leave it on for about fifteen minutes and then rinse off.

3. Olive Oil: Zits cause the surrounding skin to become dry and hard so it’s important to use a moisturizer which is non-comedogenic. On a daily basis, gently apply a thin layer of olive oil to your face to reduce the problem of zits.

4. Fresh peppermint juice: Apply fresh peppermint juice, which has anti-inflammatory properties, to your zits for fifteen minutes and rinse off.

5. Garlic: Garlic cloves is an effective zit zapper as it possesses anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties. Gently massage your zits with garlic cloves or use garlic flakes mixed with water to form a paste and apply to your skin.

6. Honey and cinnamon: Both cinnamon and natural honey, which is not processed, has anti-microbial properties. Mix Honey with cinnamon to form a paste, apply to your face at bedtime and rinse off the next morning.

7. Cucumber juice: Soak a cotton pad with the juice of a cucumber and apply it to your zits to reduce inflammation.

8. Orange peel: Combine orange peel with water and apply the paste to your nose zits.

Zit Zapping Diet

Research shows that diets high in sugar and processed foods play a role in zit outbreaks while a high protein, low glycemic index carbohydrate diet reduced zit outbreaks.

9. Low glycemic index carbohydrates: Examples of low glycemic index carbohydrates include legumes, and whole grain breads and pasta, while high glycemic index carbohydrates include potatoes, white bread, and pastries.

10. Essential fatty acids: Salmon, flax seed, walnuts and other foods high in essential fatty acids help your skin to retain it’s natural moisture and reduce the outbreak of zits.

Zit Cleansing Tips

Nose zits may actually have a mind of their own since they tend to pop up at the worst time, like the night before a big event, a first date, or an important business meeting.

11. Avoid scented soaps: Don’t use soaps and cleansers that have synthetic fragrances and perfumes which can cause more irritation to your zits.

12. Residue: Avoid using soaps that leave residue with can cause your pores to clog.

13. Scrubbing: Don’t try to scrub your nose zit away with gritty exfoliant scrubs. Simply use your fingertips to gently wash your nose and face.

14. Frequency: Washing your face frequently may lead to dry skin and may even cause your oil glands to go into overdrive to compensate for the dryness.

15. Makeup remover: Use a decent make-up remover at night to thoroughly cleanse your pores.

Zit Zapping Behaviors

16. Hands: If you have a habit of letting your hands touch your face, it’s time to break your habit. Fingers are a source of dirt, oil and bacteria that contribute to the outbreak of zits.

17. Stress: There is a direct link between zits and stress which research has proven. Stress hormones compromise your immune system, increases oil secretion and aggravate zit outbreaks.

18. Yoga: Yoga and other forms of exercise help to decrease stress cortisol levels in your body and reduce zits. It’s important to wash your face soon after exercising to remove the sweat, oil and any dirt.

19. Make-up: Noncomedogenic makeup will not aggravate zits as it does not contain pore-clogging ingredients.

20. Dust: Frequently dust and vacuum your home since dust can weaken your immune system which will make it more difficult for you to fight off zits.

Zit Hygiene

Personal hygiene habits practiced correctly will reduce and even prevent zits on nose and other areas of your face.

21. Don’t squeeze zits: Squeezing a zit, may lead to scarring and irritation of your skin and/or infection.

22. Don’t pick zits: Picking zits or zit scars only irritates the zits more, opens them up and allows bacteria to enter, potentially leading to infections.

23. Hands off of your face: Many people unconsciously touch their face at some point throughout the day. Remember not to touch your face due to the risk of leaving dirt and oil on your skin. If you must touch your face or your nose, reach for a kleenex tissue first and use the tissue to touch your skin.

24. Pillowcase: Change your pillow case daily or every 2 – 3 days to prevent the build-up of oil from your hair onto your pillow which is then transferred to your face.

25. Shower: Shower at least once a day, especially after you exercise, to rinse out your pores.

26. Hair: If your hair tends to be oily, style your hair in a way that most or all of your hair is off of your face.

27. Oil: If you have oily skin, use a tissue paper to dab your skin a couple times throughout the day to remove the excess oil without washing your face. Frequent facial washes will cause dry skin and may stimulate your oil glands to secrete more oil.

Zits and Your Mobile Phone

28. Oil, dirt, hair sprays, and hair gels can build up on your mobile phone or a regular telephone. The easiest step to take is to hold the phone away from your face so it does not touch your skin. Another step to take is to clean your phone frequently.

If you’re frustrated by stubborn or serious nose zits or zits on other areas of your body discover a natural zit zapping treatment that will dramatically improve your skin and provide you with long-lasting clear, radiant skin. There is no reason for you to continue living with nose zits or to use irritating, harsh chemicals to try to get rid of your zits. You can deal with your zits naturally, whether by using natural home remedies and/or using a natural zit zapping treatment you can eliminate your zits forever and enjoy clear, glowing skin.

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